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(Last edited October 15th, 2018)


Table of Contents



AHGL 2018 Spring Season Timeline

Weekly Structure of the League

Code of Conduct

Being a Captain

General Rules





The After Hours Gaming League (AHGL) is a fun, modern take on traditional corporate team-building. Instead of playing softball or basketball, corporate teams compete for charity on the virtual playing fields of the world’s most popular esports games.




All official AHGL updates will be posted in our Discord server. Read the instructions in #looking-for-team to help find teammates. If you have any questions, post in #help-and-feedback.


AHGL Fall 2018 Season Timeline

Here's the Fall 2018 schedule. Please note that we may slightly adjust the date and time of the finals:

  • Aug 18 Last day to register
  • Aug 20 Preseason matches announced
  • Aug 25 Preseason​
  • OFF: Sept 1 (Labor Day Sept 3)

  • Sept 8 Week 1

  • Sept 15 Week 2

  • Sept 22 Week 3

  • Sept 29 Week 4

  • Oct 6 Week 5 (Note: Oct 8th Columbus day)

  • Oct 7 End of roster changes

  • Oct 13 Week 6

  • Oct 20 Week 7

  • Oct 27 Week 8 (Note: TwitchCon)

  • OFF Nov 3 (BlizzCon)

  • Nov 10 Playoff Week 1 (Overwatch, PUBG and Rocket League only)

  • Nov 17 Playoff Week 2

  • OFF: November 24 (Thanksgiving Nov 22)

  • Dec 1 Playoff Week 3 (Overwatch OFF)

  • Dec 8 Playoff Week 4 (Overwatch Semis & Finals)

  • Dec 15 Finals for all games except Overwatch (may be Dec 16th)


Team Registration: The After Hours Gaming League will be run through Battlefy, an online tournament management platform. For more information see the Captains section. Registration fees are required to complete registration on Battlefy.


Preseason: One practice match which follows the same rules and weekly structure as the regular season. The pre-season is mandatory so that the AHGL and teams can work out logistic kinks before charity prizes are on the line! Read the specific game rules for the weekly schedule.


Regular season: The Regular Season will run for about 5 - 9 weeks and will be a non-elimination format, usually Swiss but sometimes a group stage or round robin depending on number of teams. The exact structure will be announced immediately prior to season start. We currently have no plans to professionally cast the regular season.


Playoffs: Top teams will compete in a playoff tournament bracket. Playoff matches typically include more games per match than the regular season. For example a game with a best of one in the regular season may become a best of 3. Check the game rules for more info. Some matches later in the playoffs may be professionally cast.


Grand finals: The Grand Finals will be broadcast live on Twitch with professional commentators. The date will be announced at the start of the season. Matches will be played online and we may host official in-person viewing parties in select cities. Please note that the Overwatch NorCal Corporate Clash will require in person attendance for an in-person semifinals and finals in the SF Bay Area.


Weekly Structure of the League


Matches will be distributed each week on Monday. Please refer to the game rules for each specific game as some games have additional weekly structure such as map announcement and lineup submission deadlines.


Each team plays one match per week on Saturday at 12pm pacific with results due by Sunday at 4pm pacific. AHGL observes Daylight Saving Time. A member of your team must check in on Battlefy.com using the "I’m Ready" button at match time. It is not available prior to match time. If not enough players on your roster are able to make the default match time, contact the opposing captain as outlined in our ‘Match rescheduling’ section to see if they’re able to accommodate a reschedule.


Code of Conduct


The AHGL community creates a fun environment for everyone inside and outside of the league. Please follow these simple guidelines:


  • Have fun.

  • Be nice.

  • Help anytime you can.

  • Respect all players and teams (both publicly and privately).

  • Keep all interactions safe for work.

  • Do not disparage companies, their employees, or products.

  • Contact organizers privately if you have a complaint about other players or teams.


Being a Captain


A good team captain can make or break a team’s experience in the AHGL. In the past, successful captains report that their responsibilities can take a few hours per week. Make sure you’re up for the commitment or find help!


Creating and registering a team

  • Find players at your company! See player eligibility in General Rules. Even if you know enough people to form a team, please try the following and help your company form multiple teams:

    • Post a flyer in your break room: All Games | CSGO | Hearthstone | Heroes of the Storm | OverwatchPUBG | Rocket League.

    • Ask HR about internal communication channels - email lists, forums, chat clients, company meetings, etc.

      • Here’s a sample letter to HR which requests this help as well as reimbursement for your registration fees.

    • Use our !lft command to list your team on #looking-for-team in our Discord server.

    • Walk around your office and introduce yourself to co-workers with game art on their desks (and put some up yourself!).

    • Sit at a lunch table with interns and new graduates and ask if they play any games.

  • The team captain is not required to play but must be on the roster.

  • There are no caps on the number of teams per company.


  • Additional registration requirements:

    • Select a team name, which must include your company name. If your company will have multiple teams you will also need an additional identifier (e.g. Stark Industries Alpha). Do not use your company logo or other trademarks without obtaining written permission.

    • Select a 501(c)(3) charity which will receive a donation on your behalf if your team does well enough. Check if your company has preferred charities. Please note Overwatch NorCal Corporate Clash participants will not select a Charity - the Bay Area Extra Life guild will be the featured charity.

    • Pay the registration fee through Battlefy. The account which registers and pays is the captain and this cannot be changed without Battlefy’s help.

    • Optional: 1150 x 300 Team photo


Weekly duties

  • Setting up practice times and scrimmages as desired. See #scrim-[game] in Discord.

  • Ensuring all the players show up on time for their matches.

  • Ensuring matches are properly recorded (if required in game rules).

  • Handling disputes between players and bringing disputes to the attention of the AHGL organizers when necessary.

  • Organizing and submitting the player lineups (as required in game rules).

  • Ensuring all players are still full time employees. Players may not continue playing after termination and teams will face severe penalties if this happens.


General Rules


The following rules apply to all games in the AHGL. Anytime you have a question about rules, or what you should do in a situation first make sure you're following Wheaton's Law - "Don't be a dick."


Registration fees


Registration fees support the AHGL with a portion going towards the charity prize pool. Companies often reimburse registration fees, here’s an example letter to HR. Fees vary by game so check out the specific game rules. The person who registers on Battlefy will be responsible to pay the registration fee and marked as the captain on that platform.


Registration fees will be refunded in full if the request is made prior to the close of registration. Teams disqualified for any reason will forfeit their registration fees in full and may be excluded from future seasons.

Player eligibility


  • Rosters may only be changed for the first five weeks of the season and are otherwise immutable.

  • Players must be full time employees at your company in work other than professionally playing the game.

  • Players must have an active email address at your company domain and may be required to validate this at our request. Invalid emails may result in disqualification without a refund. Contact us if this is a concern.

  • Interns and co-ops are allowed. If their employment term ends during the season, the team must meet the minimum roster size without counting the temporary player.

  • Contract workers may only participate if they have received explicit permission from the company HR department to participate as well as an active email address at the company.

  • Players which become ineligible during the season must be removed from the team and may no longer play in matches.

  • Players may only play on multiple teams while following the restrictions outlined in the FAQ.


Streaming and Observing


Players may stream their matches or have others stream for them. Stream cheating is not allowed and using a stream delay is encouraged to avoid the temptation. Observers able to see both teams' perspectives are discouraged and require the explicit approval of both captains or the AHGL organizers. Observers who are programmatically limited by the game settings to view only one team’s perspective only need the approval of the team that they observe. In the case of limited observing slots, slots must be shared equally between teams.

Voice Chat

Only players actively playing in the game (e.g. 5 players for League of Legends) may discuss strategy or offer advice in group voice chat. Real time coaching by anyone not participating in the game is not allowed. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in penalties.


All team captains must be available on the AHGL Discord server to establish communication with the opposing captain while setting up their match using the text channel dedicated to each specific game or DMs. Discord should also be the primary method of contacting AHGL administrators, using #help-and-feedback with an @Admin tag. Players are strongly encouraged to be in the Discord server as well.


Team captains are responsible for adding the opposing team's captains in-game prior to each round of the tournament, for ease of contact. In the event a captain is unavailable for a given match, a substitute captain must be communicated to the opposing captain.


Match rescheduling


Matches are scheduled at 12pm pacific every Saturday. AHGL observes Daylight Saving Time. We request that teams generally keep the 12 - 4pm pacific window on Saturday open and attempt to accommodate reschedule requests within this window, as explained below. Reschedules should be used as a last resort when not enough players on the roster are able to make the default match time.

A reschedule request should be submitted by the team captain to the opposing captain in writing. Opposing captains are under no obligation to accommodate any request especially requests outside of the 12 - 4pm Saturday window. If both captains agree on a new time they must both notify the organizers via #reschedule-reporting in Discord no later than 1pm on the Thursday before the match and also notify organizers via Discord when they are ready to start the rescheduled match. AHGL staff may not be available to assist with issues outside of the Saturday 12 - 4pm window.

Matches rescheduled for before 12pm Saturday: Match check ins on Battlefy will not be available. If your opponent is late to the reschedule take screenshots and notify an organizer. When the match is complete report the result in #reschedule-reporting on Discord and indicate that an organizer needs to enter the result.


Matches rescheduled for after 12pm Saturday: Check in at your rescheduled match time and report the results on Battlefy. If one team forgets to check in but the match is played, match results will need to be manually entered by an organizer. In this case post the match results to #reschedule-reporting on Discord and indicate that an organizer needs to enter the result.


No-shows and Forfeits


Any member of the team must navigate to their match on Battlefy and select “I’m Ready” at match time to check in their team. If nobody on a team checks in on Battlefy within fifteen (15) minutes of the opponent checking in, that team automatically forfeits the set. The time period for no-shows may be extended by the captain of the opposing team in writing which will require an admin to reset the match result on Battlefy.

If a team partially fails to show up by fifteen (15) minutes after the opponent checks in, ensure that you document the situation with screenshots and chat logs. They must choose between:

  1. Team games

    1. Playing without the absent members if the game allows. 

    2. Forfeiting the first game (regardless of Bo1, Bo3, or Bo5). In a Bo3 or Bo5 this will provide the partially-present team an additional 30 minutes for the rest of their team to arrive.  If players don't show up within this time, the team may again choose to play with the currently present members or forfeit the rest of the match.

  2. 1v1 games

    1. Matches default to being played in series (one after another) and in the order of lineup submission. If the missing player is scheduled to play first, they forfeit their game and the next players have a 15 minute grace period before their match begins​. Two or more forfeits in this way result in an automatic match loss.

In the event both teams have completed check-in but one team fails to join the match lobby within the later of twenty (20) minutes after the scheduled match time and five (5) minutes after both teams have checked in, the opposing captain may submit documentation (screenshots and chat logs) to claim a victory by forfeit as follows:

  1. In the event of a team game, the opposing captain should provide notice they will be submitting documentation for a victory by forfeit. At this time, the team may still elect to play short-handed.

  2. In the event of a single-player game, the opposing captain should provide notice to their opponent's captain that they are submitting documentation for a victory by forfeit.

Teams may opt to forfeit a match at any time with the consent of their team's members. In this case please notify the organizers and opposing captain in Discord using #forfeit-reporting.

Teams which forfeit multiple consecutive weeks and do not respond to messages from the organizers may be removed from the season without a refund.

Match reporting


The winning team’s captain must submit results to the Battlefy website no later than 4pm pacific time on Sunday. Failure to submit results will lead to a warning for the winning team and in some cases a double loss. We strongly encourage the winner of each game to record screenshots of the post-game lobby victory screen and save the replay.

Scoring and ranking

Battlefy has an automatic scoring and ranking system. During Swiss, teams will be ranked by W/L record. For games with a best of 2 format, teams will instead be ranked and paired by points as explained in tiebreakers below.


Ties are broken by these factors (in order):

1. Points: 3 per Win, 0 Per Loss, 1 Per Tie

2. Opponents Match Win Percentage

3. Game Win Percentage (only relevant to games with best of X formats, e.g. 2-1 is 66%)

4. Opponents Opponents Match Win Percentage

Teams which achieve the number of wins listed below will automatically qualify for playoffs in the order in which they achieved this win count. They will be removed from regular Swiss pairings for the following weeks. If multiple teams achieve this final win in the same week, seeds will be determined by additional matches in the following weeks. If there are not enough weeks to play these matches, ties will be broken by Swiss tiebreakers at the end of the regular season.

  • CSGO: 5 wins

  • Hearthstone: 5 wins

  • Heroes of the Storm: 5 wins

  • Overwatch: 6 wins

  • PUBG: N/A

  • Rocket League: 6 wins

Penalties and infractions


The following are examples of infractions that could result in penalties, assessed on a case by case basis by AHGL organizers. Possible penalties include but are not limited to: in-game penalties, match forfeiture, player bans, team bans, or other penalties at the organizer’s discretion.


  • Cheating, exploiting bugs, or using methods to gain an unfair advantage.

  • Releasing lineups late (as specified by game).

  • Not showing up for your match.

  • Mean, hurtful, degrading, or insulting behavior.

  • Starting or contributing to flame wars.

  • Using an ineligible player.

  • NSFW communications.


Technical Issues


Teams are responsible for their own technical issues including hardware and internet. Matches will not be rescheduled because of player side technical issues and will continue after pauses (as provided in game specific rules) are exhausted even if the issue is not yet resolved.


Pauses may not be used to grief opponents or to strategically provide an advantage. Remember to take screenshots and video if you believe pauses are being abused.


In the event of technical issues with the game servers an attempt will be made or reschedule and replay the match. The AHGL organizers may assign a tie (half-win) if, at their sole discretion, the match cannot reasonably be rescheduled.


Questions and Disputes


We strongly encourage players to take videos or screenshots of gameplay, score screens, and chat logs with timestamps enabled as well as save replays (where applicable) to use in the event of a conflict.

Mention the game lead and/or admins with an @ on Discord in #help-and-feedback channel if you require assistance during the season.


A team may submit a dispute within 12 hours in the event that they believe their opponents broke any of the game rules, the referee unfairly awarded a win to their opponents upon an in-game disconnect, referee or opponents did anything that violates the spirit of the rules, or that the incorrect match result was submitted. AHGL League organizers will review any disputes.


All participants must adhere to the decisions and rules of the tournament organizers, admins, and referees. All decisions are final, except in cases where the option to appeal is clearly stated. Conversations, either verbal or written, between organizers, admins, or referees, and participants are confidential. Publicly posting or sharing these conversations with outside parties is strictly forbidden, unless permission is obtained.


If an agreement to change a rule is made between captains, ensure the agreement is saved in writing in case a disagreement arises.


Unforeseen circumstances


The AHGL reserves the right to change these rules and to make additional decisions outside the defined ruleset as necessary. Rule changes will be posted on the AHGL Discord and all relevant parties notified.


Still have questions? View our frequently asked questions here.