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Last Modified: 9/15/2018


These rules are subject to change at the administrator’s discretion. If rules should change, all captains will be notified accordingly.


The Handbook's General Rules apply to all AHGL games, please read them first!

I. Hearthstone Overview


  1. Player Eligibility: All players participating in Hearthstone competitions must have an active Hearthstone (North America) account in good standing displayed on their Battlefy profile. Only registered team members playing under their own account are allowed to play for a team.

  2. Team Roster: A team consists of 3-6 participants. Rules for qualifications for rostered members can be found in AHGL general rules. Captains should be mindful when assembling their team as only three players will play each week.

  3. Registration: The Hearthstone registration fee will be $100 per team. The Captain pays this fee during registration on Battlefy.

  4. Game Version: All players must have their game up to date with the latest patch.

  5. Weekly Structure:

    1. Monday: Matchups are released (assuming all previous round match results have been entered).

    2. Wednesday: Deadline for Team Captains to submit a lineup of players. The lineup must list the player's Battle.net name and four hero class selections. Lineups must be submitted by the Captain in the AHGL Discord server by sending a private message to the @Neuro#1166 bot using the syntax shown in #welcome and pinned in the #hearthstone channel.

      1. Battle.net name (ahgltv#2018) can be found at the top of the friends list within Hearthstone using the social button in the lower left corner.

      2. Ten possible class choices are Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior, and Whizbang.

    3. Thursday: All lineups and class choices are made public. In the event a team does not submit on time, the opposing team’s lineups will remain hidden until the tardy team’s submission is complete. Players will be paired with their opponents in the same order listed in the lineup (the first player of Team A’s lineup plays against the first player of Team B’s lineup, and so on).

      1. For each day a lineup submission is late, a player from the opposing team may alter one of their four class selections once the late lineup has been revealed.

        1. Example: Team A submits their lineup on time, on Wednesday. Team B submits their lineup one day late, on Thursday. One player from Team A may choose to alter one of their class choices upon reviewing Team B’s lineup.  If Team B submits their lineup on Friday, a second, different player from Team A may also edit a single class choice, and so on.

    4. Friday: Deadline for Team Captains to submit class ban selections in the AHGL Discord server by sending a private message to the @Neuro#1166 bot using the syntax pinned in the #hearthstone channel. Once a class has been selected to ban, that class may not be used during that set.

      1. If a team’s ban selections are not submitted by Midnight (PST), the tardy team will reveal their ban selections first, prior to matches commencing.

    5. Saturday: All matches are played starting at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern) and require teams to press the “I’m Ready” button on Battlefy at this time. The AHGL observes Daylight Savings.

  6. Season Format: Exact season format will be announced before the season begins when we know the exact number of teams. This section will be updated along with an announcement email for all Captains. There will be two at minimum two stages: Non-elimination Regular Season (~5-9 weeks) and Elimination Playoffs.

  7. Definitions:

    1. Series: Total number of sets played between two teams. (Three)

    2. Set: Total number of matches played between two players. (Best of 5)

    3. Match: Singular game played between two players.

    4. Roster: Listing of all members on a team.

    5. Lineup: Ordered list of players and their class selections.

    6. Class: One of ten possible deck type identifiers; Used interchangeably with the word ‘Hero.’


II. Rules


  1. Tournament Format: Conquest: During a Conquest style tournament, the winning player must defeat their opponent using all available decks. The loser of a match may play that same deck again or choose another in the proceeding match.

  2. Sequence of Play: All three sets (all six players) are encouraged to play their games simultaneously in order to minimize time requirements and maximize participation.

    1. Players are paired using team lineups submitted earlier in the week. Players add each other’s Battle.net tags to their friends list.

    2. Prior to beginning their matches, players must convert all decks unintended for play during the day’s matches to Wild. This is to prevent them from appearing in a later step and can be done within the Collection Manager. Players must rename their intended decks to something uniquely identifiable (such as their Battletag name) but also generic, as to not reveal deck archetype (such as class title).

      1. Examples: Mage-AHGL, AHGLMage, AHGLock, AHGLolz

    3. Players challenge one another to a Standard Duel via the Friends List.

    4. Once players have entered into the Hearthstone Challenge Screen (identified by a blue background), neither may back out of this screen for any reason. If a player closes the challenge screen before the set has concluded, the entire set is considered forfeit. This is to prevent players from modifying their decks between matches.

      1. If a player accidentally closes the Challenge Screen and immediately re-challenges their opponent, their opponent may choose to accept the challenge, forgive the accident, and continue with the set.

    5. Both players use the “Borrow a Deck” and “Share my Decks” buttons to verify that only four decks, matching what was submitted in the lineup, are available to choose from. Once verified, players cease sharing decks as to not accidentally select an opponent’s deck to play.

      1. If a player mistakenly enters a match with one of their opponent’s decks, the match should immediately be forfeited after loading. During the next match, the aggrieved player may choose ANY of their four originally submitted decks to play with, including those that have been banned or depleted.

    6. For the first match, players may choose any of their three remaining decks to use. Upon winning, that player’s winning deck may no longer be used and they must choose another of their decks to play. Upon losing, that player may continue into the following match using the same, unmodified deck or choose a different deck.

      1. Finals: If, during a Best-of-7, a player depletes all three of their decks before the set has concluded, a previously used deck may be resurrected (a banned deck may never be used).

  3. Scoring: The teams will be ranked by number of series’ won, where each series consists of three sets. Sets will be played in a Best-of-5 match format. Finals sets will be played in a Best-of-7 format.

    1. Mutual Death: In the event both heroes simultaneously “die” during a match (Ex. Each player has three or less health and Hellfire is played), that match is immediately replayed using the exact same deck choices.​


III. Technical Issues


  1. Stoppage of Play Procedure: If a player is disconnected from a match, or experiences issues during play, that player must attempt to reconnect and resume. If unsuccessful, that player may request a replay by declaring the reason in Discord alerting both the opposing player and an AHGL Administrator. If restarting the match is necessary, and the request is agreed to by the opposing team or required by the admin, the current match may be safely concluded without result. The player requesting the replay must be experiencing one of the following:

    1. A hardware malfunction (e.g. equipment failure)

    2. Physical disruption (e.g. breaking furniture)

    3. Software Failure (e.g. crashing)

    4. Other extreme or extenuating circumstances (e.g. household emergency).

  2. In the case where the Battle.net service is disrupted, the interrupted match is replayed regardless of match progression.

  3. Multiple screenshots should be taken during such events to allow for quick resolution.