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Last Modified: September 23, 2018

These rules are subject to change at the administrator’s discretion. If rules should change, all captains will be notified accordingly.


The Handbook’s General Rules apply to all AHGL games, please read them first!

I. Rocket League Overview


  1. Player Eligibility: All Players participating in Rocket League competitions must have access to the game on PC (Steam) or PS4, and must have a unique Battlefy account. Only registered team members playing under their own account are allowed to play for a team.

  2. Team Roster Size: A Team consists of 3-6 participants. Rules for qualifications for rostered members can be found in AHGL general rules.

  3. Registration: The Rocket League registration fee will be $100 per Team. The captain pays this fee during registration on Battlefy.

  4. Game Version: Each player must have their game up to date with the latest patch for their system.

  5. Weekly Structure:

    1. Monday: Matchups for the following weekend are distributed (assuming all previous round Match results have been entered) and Arenas are announced and pinned in Discord.

    2. Saturday: All Matches are played on Saturday starting at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern).  The AHGL observes Daylight Savings.

  6. Season Format: Exact season format will be announced before the season begins when we know the exact number of teams. This section will be updated along with an announcement email for all captains. There will be at minimum two stages: Non-elimination Regular Season (~5-9 weeks) and Elimination Playoffs.

  7. Team Numbers: Each team is assigned a unique identifier number by the administrator. This will be used to identify the team’s Matchups and name the lobbies in client.

  8. Day of Match protocol:

    1. Both teams should have the Rocket League game client open and be ready to join at the Match start time. Check-in will be enabled on Battlefy so teams will know their opponents are present.

    2. Teams should also be equipped to communicate outside of the game client during the Match, preferably through Discord PM between captains/representatives.

    3. The captain or designated representative from the Home team (more info on Home/Away in II.5) will create a Private Match in-game with the following parameters:

      1. Game Mode: Soccar

      2. Arena: DFH Stadium (Day) for first game in the series

      3. Team Size: 3v3

      4. Bot Difficulty: No Bots, Team Settings and Mutator Settings: Defaults

        1. Mutators, Series Length: 5 for Regular season, 7 for Playoffs

      5. Region: Home team's choice between US-West and US-East

      6. Joinable By: Name/Password

    4. After hitting “Create Match”, the Home team rep will enter the following:

      1. Name: (Home Team #)vs(Away Team #)

        1. Identifier numbers are always expressed as 2 digits, including leading zeros

      2. Password: ahgl

      3. Example 1: Team ABCD (identifier #27) is the home team, playing Team EFGH (identifier #52).  The lobby name will be 27vs52 and the password will be ahgl.

      4. Example 2: Team IJKL (identifier #48) is the home team playing Team MNOP (identifier #03). The lobby name will be 48vs03.

    5. All players will then join the lobby using the above name and password. The Home team will be Blue, and the Away team will be Orange. Players may not join their assigned side until three players from each team have joined the lobby.

    6. At the conclusion of each Game in the Series, the Home team representative will change the Arena (available by hitting “Match Settings”) to the next one on the list (provided by AHGL Admin weekly). This must be done before the 1-minute post-game timer expires. In the event the Arena is not properly changed in this time period, the Away team may elect to either continue play with the same Arena repeated or ask to recreate the lobby with the correct Arena.

      1. As an alternative, captains may agree to play any Game on any Arena they choose. The default Arena order exists to provide some variety, and facilitate games starting in the event captains cannot agree.

    7. All players/spectators will hit “Ready” to continue to the next game. From here (in the “Choose Team” screen), there will be a 3-minute break, after which all players will again join their assigned side and continue the series. Any substitutions must be communicated and must occur in this 3-minute break.  The 3-minute break timer begins at the "Choose Team" screen.

      1. Team reps should communicate externally to determine when all players are ready to start. In the event that a Team does not have all 3 players ready at the conclusion of this break, the Team that is ready  must provide a 2-minute warning before beginning the next Game in the series. After this (3 minutes break + 2 minutes warning), the Team that is ready may begin the next Game at their discretion, but only if the 2 minute warning was provided, the full 2 minutes for the warning has elapsed, and it has been at least 5 minutes total since end of previous game.

      2. If the game starts before all players are ready from a given team, a player that played in the previous game may join as the game is in progress. Alternatively, any other rostered Player from the shorthanded team may join during the Game, using one of the team’s allowed substitutions.

      3. Opponents should provide flexibility and leniency during this break for issues that would normally warrant a Stoppage of Play (III.A).  Teams should also continually communicate to both follow I.9.g.i above and also Wheaton's Law as per the AHGL Handbook. It is recommended to open external communication and make contact before starting the Match; Discord direct message is preferred, as it provides timestamping.

      4. For a Game that was intentionally or unintentionally started before one Team was fully ready, either in the event that no warning was given or before the full 2 minutes had elapsed after the warning, the correct course of action will be to restart the Game.  This does not apply to situations where I.9.g.i was applied correctly. A Team abusing I.9.g.i, starting the Game and consequently scoring goals or burning time without providing and abiding by the 2 minute warning period (or otherwise generally employing deception to start a game without opponent's knowledge) will face the following consequences:

        1. 1st occurrence: warning, nullification and re-do of the Games in question at the discretion of the opponent

        2. 2nd occurrence: Game loss for all applicable Games in question

        3. 3rd occurrence: Match forfeit

        4. 4th occurrence: Disqualification from the league

      5. Applying I.8.7.1 correctly (​taking a 3 minute break, giving a 2-minute warning, waiting the full 2 minutes, starting the Match) is not in violation of Wheaton's Law and will not be subject to any of the penalties above in I.8.7.4.  Remember that capturing screenshots and replays is always encouraged in order to settle potential disputes. Teams should discuss with their opponent if they feel they've been treated unfairly per these rules, and should be prepared to escalate to the Admin if they consider it necessary.

  9. Definitions:

    1. Best-of-X: a Match that has X number of Games, and the Team that wins a majority of the Games is declared the winner. Once a Team wins the number of Games needed to reach the requisite majority, then that Team will be declared the winner of the Match, and any Games that have not been played at that point will not be played. For example, in a Best-of-Five Match, once a Team wins 3 Games, that Team will immediately be declared the winner of that Match.

    2. Game: a single 5 minutes + Overtime competition between two Teams.

    3. Match: Tournament play between two Teams that may involve multiple Games

    4. Series: a group of Games that together constitute a Match

    5. Team: a group of Players who compete in the Tournament together as a unit.

II. Rules


  1. Game Mode: Soccar, 3v3

  2. Match Winner: The winner is the Team that wins the most Games in the Series.

  3. Series Length: Matches will be best-of-five(5) during the regular season. Matches will be a best-of-seven(7) for playoffs and elimination rounds.

  4. Restrictions:

    1. There are currently no equipment, skin, vehicle, etc restrictions.

    2. All standard controllers, including mouse and keyboard, are legal.Macro functions are not permitted.

  5. Home/Away team: Home and Away teams will be assigned weekly through the Battlefy interface.

    1. During the regular season, the team on the left side of the Matchup page is the Home team. The team on the right side is Away. During playoffs, the team with the higher seed (#1 is higher than #2) is the Home team.

  6. Roster: Players are allowed to switch during a Match (e.g. in-between games during a Bo7), limited to two substitutions per Match per Team. A player who is substituted out may be substituted back in later, using that team’s second allowed substitution.

  7. Spectator slots: Spectator slots may be occupied by Casters, AHGL Admins, Admins' designees, or players from either team not currently playing. Such players may stream from the Spectator slot.

  8. Scheduling/Forfeits: The first game of each round will generally begin at the specified time. See [General Rules] in the handbook for rescheduling rules and post in #reschedule-reporting on the AHGL discord server if the match is agreed to be rescheduled.

III. Technical Issues


A. Stoppage of Play

  1. Stoppage of Play Procedure: A Player experiencing technical issues on either team, or a teammate of such a player, may call for a restart of the game prior to Game of Record (III.B) being established for significant Issues without requiring agreement from the opposing team.

  2. The Player requesting a restart must be experiencing one of the following Issues:

    1. A hardware malfunction (e.g. equipment failure)

    2. Physical disruption (e.g. breaking furniture)

    3. Software Failure (e.g. crashing) or Disconnecting

    4. Other extreme or extenuating circumstances (e.g. household emergency).

    5. Severe lag (>150ms ping) if it is suspected that the individual server (not the region) is at fault. If connecting to a new server does not fix the issue, and other players are not experiencing the issue, this procedure should not be repeated.

  3. While pausing cannot occur in a Private Match, the Game may be re-created for these circumstances. It is recommended to change the Series Length to Unlimited and keep track of Game wins manually, preferably in external communication.

  4. If a Player Issue occurs after GOR is established, the Game may be restarted if agreed to by the opposing team. Otherwise, the shorthanded Team will continue to play out the single Game within the Series until the Player disconnects or the Issue is resolved.

    1. A disconnected Player may rejoin at any time. After a disconnect, if the Player cannot rejoin, any other rostered Player from the shorthanded team may join during the Game, using one of the team’s allowed substitutions. However, if this is the first disconnect for the Team during the series, this substitution will not count towards the number of allowed substitutions

    2. Alternatively, the disconnected Player will have the entire 3-minute break period to rejoin before the next Game of the Match series begins. If the disconnected Player is unable to join the Game prior to the next Game in the series, the Player’s Team may either substitute another Player from their roster or continue shorthanded. If this is the first disconnect for the Team during the series, this substitution will not count towards the number of allowed substitutions.

  5. In the event of a game server crash, AHGL admin will determine next steps.


B. Game of Record

  1. A game of record (“GOR”) refers to a game where all players (six typically, five in the case on an intentional 2v3, four in the case of an intentional 2v2, etc) have loaded in, the game clock has been started (no longer reads 5:00), and some significant in-game event has occurred (as defined in Section 2 below). Prior to all three of these conditions being met, if a serious issue has occurred, players should stop play and restart the match, or contact AHGL administrators to assess the situation. Once a game attains GOR status, the game will be considered as “official” from that point onward. After the establishment of GOR, game restarts will be allowed only by agreement between both teams or with AHGL admin approval.

  2. Significant events, any of which satisfies the third condition for establishing GOR:

    1. A goal is scored

    2. A shot on goal is made (as defined by in-game detection)

    3. A shot is saved (as defined by in-game detection)

    4. A vehicle is demolished